Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New Patterns

I flipped through the new Interweave Knits during lunch today. I've never bought a copy before as I've only ever liked one project or two. It's the same this time:
1greek 1vintage
The Greek pullover and the vintage jacket are pretty. I like some of the bulky sweaters as well, but they're not practical for our climate. I also love this scarf from Kim Hargreave's website:
This pattern is called 'Flourish', and just like everything else on her site it only comes as a kit. But it's not offered in a color that I'd like (Candy Girl, Villain or Bleached), so I'm going to try to figure it out myself. It's crocheted with, I'm pretty sure, two strands or more of KSH.
The new Phildar Summer magazine is out and I'm not overwhelmed. These two cardis are cute:
Phildar L'Ete
There are similar ones in the previous mags though, so I won't be buying this one either. I'm so curious about the new Rowan and Rebecca, and it's only June!


Anonymous said...

I am always interested to find how different I feel about pattern pictures seen in the actual book/mag as compared to scanned pictures of the patterns online. I find that I rarely like more than one or two patterns in most mags, books too, or I like plenty of them but know I will never knit more than one or two. I was looking at the Rowan Classic books at my LYS last weekend and liked them less in person than online...

Anonymous said...

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