Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How I became a Noroholic

During my trips through knitblog world I'd see so many beautiful Clapotis, in all kinds of yarns. I envisioned a summer Clapotis made of champagne colored silk, very subtle and elegant. Then one day I went to my LYS to get some inspiration and found, stuffed away on a bottom shelf, some Noro Silk Garden. I always thought I didn't like variegated yarn, but the soft colors of SG #88 were gorgeous, so I bought a skein, just to play around with. Back home, I remembered the Silk Garden Clapotis on the web. I cast on and was hooked. After seven days and almost seven skeins, she was done. One pattern repeat less wide, but six more repeats long, Clapotis got even longer after blocking. I've never been so happy with a project before. Here's to you, Kate Gilbert!
And here is the 'look how long it is' shot, sorry, it's a bit dark
I made the dress from a tan paper-like silk and dipped the bottom 12 inches into a bath of wild plum RIT dye. The pattern is a vintage slip.


Anonymous said...

And WOW again! Both the clapoitis and the dress. Oh I need more time. I so need more time.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Both the dress and the clapotis. I love the colors. You look fantastic in the whole outfit!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Question is, do I need both a Lady Eleanor AND a Clapotis out of this stuff???
-Lynn in Tucson