Friday, June 17, 2005

Noroholism manifests in Lady Eleanor

Soon I won't be just throwing this year's FO's at you (first socks and Nancy were made in 04) but show you what I'm working on now, which is this little sweater. I'm using the specified yarn in jelly, a gooseberry green. This yarn used to be the capelet from Judith Swartz's book 'Hip to Crochet'. What a failure! I ended up using nine (!) balls of ksh instead of six even though my gauge was right on. It looked terrible on and off, so I frogged it. I've heard many knitters freak out about frogging knitted ksh, but crochet takes the terror one step further. It became a battle of the wills, Craftoholic versus KSH. After a week, I won. Yes, I can be tenacious, hehe, I mean, no way would I let all that pretty (expensive) yarn go to waste. So far, the back is finished and the front is halfway done. I added one more pattern repeat right before the arm decrease so it would hit at the hips instead of the waist. I'll take pictures this weekend.
Oh and here is Lady Elenaor from Pam Allen's Scarf Style, which I knit in March. I bought a bag of Silk Garden #203 on ebay and aimed for a skein a day. Used 9.5 skeins for the scarf and the rest for the fringe (Grrr, fringe takes sooo loong). I finished after ten days of crazy knitting. Silk Garden makes me obsessive, the yarn just glows. I had to stop knitting for a while though to give my wrists a break.
At first I was scared I'd look like a jester wearing it, but now the colors put me by the Northern California coast fields, oceanblue, redwoods and granite cliffs.


Anonymous said...

The colors are just perfect for this design. beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am about to start this shawl. I am so excited. I got some Noro (color #232)on sale from Knit Witts and am itching to start. I have one question; what size needle did you use. The guage swatch I used was 14 stitches on a 10 1/2 needle. The fabric seems sort of light and I'm not sure it's OK. What needle did you use and what was your gauge? Please reply to


Anonymous said...

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