Monday, June 27, 2005

On Aimee, finery, and the future

Aimee's front is finished. I have no picture because it looks pretty much like the back (see a few posts ago). I've made some changes to the front and will change the back accordingly. The pattern calls for a a shaped shoulder (you know, where you bind off some sts, turn, bind off some more, turn and then bind off the rest),but with the yo lace pattern it looked sloppy and impossible to seam. So after I finished shaping the front neck, I just knit all the rows straight up, ended with a row of stockinette, and kept the sts on a holder for a three-needle bind-off. I think this will turn out much neater and result in a sturdier seam. The sleeves are a different story. I want to knit them in the round, but dpn's made the lace pattern rather complicated (=I just couldn't deal). Now I'm going to try the two circs method. If you'd like to check out what that is all about, there is an excellent tutorial here.
To ameliorate my anxiety about seaming this oh so innocent little thing (how do you seam holes???) I relied on good old retail therapy:
rowan cork1
Hmm, a whole bag full of Rowan Cork in the color 'chilly'. This will be for a self-designed cardi I was planning on making in fall. But if it continues to be gloomy and cold around here, I might get an early start on it.
I also thought more about the corset pullover. Initially I decided on Rowan Calmer. But then I got a ball of Debbie Bliss Cathay to play with, and I have to say, this stuff is abolutely gorgeous. Even stitches (with Calmer they always seem wonky), wonderful feel and shine (Calmer is more dull); I think Cathay may be the one. Now I know it's not really the right gauge...but I'll make that work somehow.
Because it feels good to finish at least something over the weekend, here are some necklaces I made:
Gold Necklaces 1
On the left, gold-filled wire with labradorite; in the middle, gold-filled chain with half-opaque half-translucent aquamarine; on the right, gold-filled chain with tiny aquamarine rondels.


swimknit said...

The necklaces are so pretty!

I can't wait to see your design for the cork.


Anonymous said...

Your necklaces are beautiful too!

valentina said...

Gorgeous. Right up my alley. Need to get my stash out. But it's just so much easier to drool over other people's creations.

Anonymous said...

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