Monday, June 20, 2005

Bliss-ed out...

Since the pattern for the Debbie Bliss' Cabled Jacket was so much fun I decided to try another cardi from the same book, the Rib Detail Jacket (renamed Pool by me). It calls for aran weight yarn so I got some inexpensive Jaeger Shetland Aran from Jannette's on ebay. I chose the bright blue because I was in serious need for some intense color, but it was a close race because the light-turquoisy blue looked pretty as well. Light blue happens to be my favorite color, so I always think I have too much of it and must try something else(but a serious closet cleaning this weekend revealed very little light blue indeed. Hmmm...) Anyway, knitting this cardie during our grey March was very therapeutic. The yarn, despite coming unspun as you work with it, results in a very even fabric and drapes nicely. The Alpaca content gives it a slightly fuzzy finish. I used bluish grey mother-of-pearl buttons from my bottomless button bin (I had used white mop buttons for the Cabled Jacket). Problems I had with the pattern: The cuffs and lower arms were too tight, I discovered that after I had already finished one sleeve and was about to start the next. I cast on an additional eight stitches, added two more inches to the ribbed cuffs, and stopped the increases according to the pattern. I now wish I would have made less increases, as the upper sleeves are a little baggy. To save the first sleeve, I cut the buttom off (at the point were it had enough stitches to correspond to my new desired width, reknit the cuff and grafted the two pieces together. It worked really well, after blocking, you couldn't tell where the seam was).
The buttonholes are done with a YO and I love how they came out (unfortunately my camera doesn't do well upclose) While the yarn feels soft, I can't wear the sweater on my bare skin, yet the collar doesn't bother my neck, so it's fine with a thin long-sleeve underneath.
I don't know what's up with those Simpson's fingers, or the disappearing arms.
and bigger
I thought I'd be done with the front of Aimee by the end of the weekend, but I haven't been in the mood. It's getting warmer out, so either I hurry up and finish or get another project going.


amy said...

wow that is a gorgeous sweater! and the color is really pretty too. hope you are having a good week so far!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I had to pull the book out and have another look, again your photo shows the seater off far better than the book does. I am rather tempted by the Travelling Rib sweater and the yoked fairisle.

Anonymous said...

Another gorgeous item! The fit looks perfect on this sweater.. DB has a dk-weight version of this pattern that I'm thinking about knitting.

Anonymous said...

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