Wednesday, June 08, 2005

At last..Hello!

M's Socks
Originally uploaded by Finni.

I've been wanting to set up this blog since September of last year...better later than never though! Since I've been reading craftblogs voraciously for months now, I thought it would be great to share some of my projects and get some feedback. I've always loved to make things and after a ditching a major in Industrial Design, I decided to become a bookbinder, learning both the traditional craft as well as getting a degree in Book Arts. I made clothes and knitted as a teenager and after a brief respite, I'm knitting again, sewing, making jewelry and bind the occasional book. I hope this blog will help me stay organized.
Let's see if I can figure out this photo posting thing. Here are the first socks I made, a X-mas present for the BF. I used one skein of GGH Marathon in a great green-khaki-orange colorway. I found the pattern on a German website, it's pretty basic but it worked ok.

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