Friday, July 01, 2005

Yarn breaks bones (sort of..)

Let me tell you how back in March I managed to fracture a rib whilst shopping at my LYS. If you're expecting something dramatic, like a crazy lady holding up the store for yarn and me tackling her, or me climbing up on a shelf because I spotted discounted Noro, I have to disappoint you. It wasn't that glamorous. But it reinforced my decision to not, ever, go near a ball of eyelash yarn again. So, here it goes: Having a leisurely Saturday at my LYS, after working my way through the wools and the cottons, I ended up in front of the, uh, blends and others section. I looked at it and had to sneeze. It was the biggest sneeze ever but I tried to keep it quiet and demure. My body contracted and I heard and felt a crack, followed by the most breathtaking pain. Really, I just stood there, staring at the eyelash yarn, unable to move, eyes popping. I didn't know what happened. I managed to pay for some cotton I had picked out, walked out of the store and decided I had pulled a muscle and would be ok. But the pain got worse, so I thought, hm, maybe I should go to the ER. The closest medical center was about five blocks away, on top of a hill. I didn't even have the sense to get a cab, so I walked there. X-rays were taken, ribs got poked (ouch, did 'ya have to poke where it hurts???), painkillers were given. My rib was fractured, and it would take almost two months to not feel like a had a blade stuck in my chest. Two months of no LYS.
I blame the eyelash.


MissLucy said...

OMG, that sounds so incredibly painful. I'm glad you're feeling better.

Of course the eyelash is to blame, it's really quite obvious. Hopefully this will teach you to stick to natural fibres ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my god.
How AWFUL! -------> you made me open my mouth in shock. That only happens to really bad news like people dying. Oh god.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, you fractured a rib while sneezing. Who knew?

Ouch! I hope the pain eases.

Btw, beautiful knits! I'm especially loving Aimee. May just add that to my list also.


Anonymous said...

I meant to respond to this earlier and just forgot - what an unbelieveable story! That is just to awful, though somewhat humerous in retrospect :-)

Lori said...

OUCH! This story should be printed up, laminated and posted anywhere eyelash yarn is sold. "CAUTION: This "yarn" can and does cause serious injury. Browse at your own risk"