Friday, June 24, 2005


In the wintertime, chilly mists are hovering in the narrow alleys of Venice, perpetual soft-focus vision sharpens the hearing so I hear sooner than I see. It's the water, lapping lapping lapping gently, everywhere. Venetian water green he called the color of my eyes. Venetian water I think of when I wear this little wrap.
Pattern: Rebecca magazine 29
Yarn: 3.5 balls of GGH Soft Kid in light petrol, US5 needles
This was a fast and easy knit for me. Like many other knitters, I picked up the sts for the wrap-ties. I also crocheted around the front and back opening. For the sleeves I cast on with US4's because I wanted them to be snug, then I switched to 5's. I'm in love with this yarn.


Martha said...

My God, you do beautiful work!

Tari said...

That wrap is beatiful! I really enjoy your blog - everything you make is really nice.

Jo said...

Wow! I love the colour and you got such a great fit! It looks wonderful on you.

Diana said...

I love the shirt you are wearing your wrap with! I made this very same sweater in the very same color, and have yet to find a good shirt to coordinate. You've inspired me to break out my wrap and wear it!

Lisa said...

Wow. It looks beautiful. You have inspired me to pick up mine and complete it.

Quick question - did you make it longer than the pattern states.

julie said...

It looks beautiful on you. The colour is fabulous I have been looking which one it may be on yarndex but nothing is listed as light petrol, can you tell me is that the actual name or I've seen one col nbr 58 sea green which looks similar.
any help would be appreciated

Anonymous said...

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