Sunday, June 12, 2005

Cabled Jacket

Sometime in January I started the Cabled Jacket from Debbie Bliss' Cashmere Collection. I wasn't quite ready to spend so much money on 15 balls of Cashmerino Superchunky, even though it's a beautiful yarn. I really loved the feel and color of Rowanspun Chunky and got a bag in the color cardamom off Ebay. Since the cardi is a 'one size fits all' I went down one whole needle size (using #10 all the way). There are some mistakes in the pattern, so check the website for corrections. I loved working with the Rowanspun and so far, it seems to hold up really well. I've been wearing the jacket a lot, it's lightweight, warm and cozy.
mmhh, just imagine the color being a soft sage with butterscotch flecks here and there. Not this odd...grey? I'll try and get a better picture sometime.


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Anonymous said...

This looks super cozy. I love your photos - at first I thought they were the original pattern photos!

craftoholic said...

Thanks, Cara!
Thanks, Diana, I'll pass on the compliment to the BF.

sharlync said...

That sweater is beautiful! I MUST knit one.

Anonymous said...

I love this sweater and am thinking of using the same you think that 10 skeins would have completed the project using the correct needle size? Congratulations on finishing this!