Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's warm. And fuzzy. And fussy.

When I saw Rowan's Ribbon Twist booklet, I immediately fell for 'Nancy', a wrap cardigan with ruffles, held together with an oversized pin. I fell hard and fast, seduced by the beautiful styling of the book, enchanted by my surroundings, and when I saw the Ribbontwist up close, there was no more thinking. The friendly sales lady at Liberty's wrapped up a bag of the dark chocolate colored yarn and two pairs of broomstick size needles. It knit up fast and easy, and fit like a dream. I have a small collection of oversized vintage horse blanket pins, one of which was going to hold 'Nancy' together. And then I wore it. Do you know where this is going? Suffice to say, it doesn't wear easily. The tucked under part of the cardi does not stay put, but starts to sag. You need two pins to hold it together which is not very practical. It is too warm for a Northern California climate. It does look pretty worn open, so maybe I should give it another chance. Otherwise, a little 'Honey' has caught my eye, and 'Nancy' might drown in the pond soon. The frog pond that is.
I also made the skirt. It's thick mohair, lined with a cream rayon. Very heavy, very warm. Too warm. My own pattern.


Lori said...

I love that skirt! did you write up a pattern for it? The cardigan looks really nice, it's too bad that it doesn't wear as nicely as it looks.

Anonymous said...

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