Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Much better!

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on Aimee. I knew I needed to rip but sometimes you just need to get that nudge to feel confident about it. My needles and fingers have been on fire as I will have no desire to pick this up once the new Harry Potter comes out and I get my Cathay. On the right is the new back (old front on the left):
I did a lot less increases and added another pattern repeat as I wasn't quite happy with the length (the pieces have the tendency to really stretch out horizontally). What a difference!
(Oh no, the postman just brought the Cathay. I'm shoving it in a drawer. It's not here. No, it isn't)
On to the front.


Anonymous said...

Wow that looks so much better! I don' think I have yet had an experience where I frogged, reknit and then thought "Well that was a waste of time". It pretty much always is worth it, when you know something was not quite right. And isn't it so satisfying to see it set right and know that your extra effort was worth while.... will you have to reknit the sleeves or can you put them back in as they were?

Also that salad from your last post looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

What a difference! Aimee looks very improved. Just ignore the Cathay.. its not even there really..

eastern white said...

looks so much better! i'm glad you decided to rip for the better!

katie said...

aimee looks a lot happier now. i finished the back of mine today!

Mamie said...

Wowee zowee! This is so pretty! I love it! Yummy!!!

Did you have to freeze it to rip?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, I was just thinking about knitting this sweater... seeing yours, now I think I have to! Can't wait to see it finished.

Thanks for the kind words about my hourglass :)