Monday, July 11, 2005

Ripping Aimee ?

It was one of those weekends where I attempted to work on so many projects that I became completely overwhelmed and ended up just eating and snoozing a lot. I also tried to avoid thinking about what to do with Aimee, though deep down I think I do.
See the bunching by the armpit? It does that on both sides. You can't see it too much on the front because it gets smooshed towards the back. When I first posted about this sweater, I mentioned concern about how far the little 'wings' (that area where you have increased from the waist and now decrease for the armholes) were coming out. I really should have trusted my inner knitter and changed the increases. But I trusted that the wings were ok, because they seemed ok when I draped the pieces on my body or when I compared them to another sweater. What happened? Everything else seems to be just fine, but all I see when I try it on is the bunches. Should I rip the front and back and do less increases? What would you do?
(add: My former MIL used to call me Perstephanie. She thought it was a "cute" way of calling me persnickety without incurring my disdain, because I insisted on washing my whites in the hot cycle and making mashed potatoes from in regards to Aimee, am I being too perstephanie??)
Excuse the picture, that's what you get when you try to photograph yourself from the back. Made me wish I was a contortionist.
Because craftywise nothing was going right, I took comfort in food. I made a huge batch of Butternut Squash Cannelloni with Sage-Walnut Cream Sauce (recipe from Martha Stewart 2002 cookbook) and this amazing Strawberry Salad
If you're close to a Trader Joe's, get a bag of their Herb Salad mixture, some strawberries, TJ's Strawberry Balsamic vinegar, a tub of Gorgonzola crumbs, olive oil and black pepper. Mix to your liking. It's incredible and so easy to make. (I tasted this in the store from their little test kitchen)


sharlync said...

I think I would probably do just that, rip back and work fewer increases into the pattern. Ripping KSH is a pain but it sounds like you won't be able to get over the bunching :). That butternut squash cannelloni sound yummy.

Anonymous said...

that salad sounds delicious - i was wondering what to do for lunch, and your photo and description has decided me. thanks! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you won't be too happy with it unless you rip. I'm assuming you've blocked it and it doesn't help but have you tried it on with different garments underneath? Will you be wearing it with a long sleeve shirt or with something lighter like in your picture? Just wondering as it might make a difference.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're being too persnickety. I can tell from your photo and description what is wrong. With something you've knit, if you don't fix it, that error will always be there to bug you. Better to fix now and enjoy Aimee..

Mamie said...

I love the look of it! It looks fine in the photo, but I agree that if it bugs you now it probably always will and it may just be better to rip her out...

eastern white said...

i'd rip it and redo it! it's better to adjust areas you don't like while the project is still in progess! it'll look great after a few adjustments!!

salad looks sooo delicious!