Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More boxing than knitting

First, thank you all for your nice comments on my socks! I'm still feeling the euphoria from having learned new things and completed something I like 100%. I promptly went to my LYS to pick up more sock yarn, some for BF, because he asked for another pair of socks, he chose the yarn ( I actually forgot what it was, but should have some pictures this weekend). And some for me. More of the Nature's Palette, which has really grown on me after a short initial dislike. Their colors are just too pretty. This one is called orchid
I'm working on the BF socks right now but I won't be getting too much knitting done over the next couple of weeks as I'm making a whole bunch of these guys:
marbled paper covered boxes for a client. A few years back, I made my living as a bookbinder, and I still do some work here and there.


Anonymous said...

such lovely boxes! I had no idea that one could still make a living binding books in this day and age, I am impressed! And somewhat embarassed by my own ignorance :-).

Stinkerbell said...

those bowes are gorgeous! and I am going to have to go and see what I can find out about that line of yarns :)