Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Silly Socks

About a week ago I started a pair of socks for BF, knit with Lana Grossa Meilenweit Safari. He picked the yarn and it was a lot of fun to knit up, I finished them on Saturday. My internet connection has been problematic, so after many attempts, here they are:
At some point during the second sock, I must have knit more loosely as the pattern stopped matching. But they are pretty silly to begin with, and BF loves them.
I've been stalling on my Corset Pullover. I made a swatch with the Cathay, and after washing and tossing it got bigger and I got perfect gauge. So I cast on for the 35+" size and knit a few inches, but it looks tiny. Now, I know that it will expand after washing, but it's scary to knit something that looks like it'd be perfect for a six year old. Then it occurred to me I might want to knit it in the round. So it's been stewing, and I just need to sit down and do some math and tell myself it will work out.


Anonymous said...

Cute socks! There's something I probably won't be copying. Jesse would have a fit if I knit him variegated socks :-). He has colour issues, or rather issues about the mixing of colours. As for the corset pullover, I would be scared too... does the pattern talk much about ease or fit etc? Sometimes it is such a leap of faith huh?

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