Thursday, October 06, 2005

When Pigs Crochet!

That Anthropologie shawl? Yeah, soo pretty and what a match for the Koigu. To be honest, I posted that picture because I feel like I always have to include a picture in a post, for interest, because I'm not writing any dramas here. And it went so well with the Koigu. But there won't be any crocheting multiple pieces that need to be connected chez Craftoholic unless I finish this:
This is the oldest and biggest UFO in my life. It's supposed to be this:
Well, actually, my version is larger. A lot. I saw this pretty tablecloth maybe thirteen or so years ago in a women's magazine. Back in those days, dainty crochet was big. And boy, was I into crochet. I was also into all things lacy, dried roses, china painted with Peter Rabbit and leather hatboxes. Those days are over, though I still have the Peter Rabbit set and a couple of hat boxes. In storage, for when I have a cute Victorian in SF (insert title). So this tablecloth, started in the early 90's, originally measured five by five feet, consisting of crocheted squares (most are still unblocked)
and embroidered linen squares. But sometimes my ideas tend towards the megalomaniacal, and I wanted the ultimate, amazing crocheted-linen-ed bedcover. Or even more romantic, having something to drape above a four-poster. I got crocheting with a tiny hook and white thread, and seven years later there were 31 crochet squares, just waiting for the linen squares. I stalled, because I never quite liked the flower motif of the magazine piece and wanted to design something more art deco looking. I think the first and only drawing is still around. Part of me wants to finish this. Part of me wonders whether I'll want to use it. Maybe I should leave the linen squares plain. Then maybe the squares should just go back into the plastic bag, so that I can take them out every ten years and wonder if I should finish this.
That cute wrap? (See title)


Minna said...

This post reminds me of my two UFOs that also involve crocheted squares. I’m one of those people who just tucks their UFOs away and wait for better times. No wonder my closets are full of crap.

If you’re not into the dried roses etc. style anymore, maybe you can combine the bedcover with something else and have a whole different look. The squares are absolutely beautiful and it's a shame if they're just kept away in a closet. :)

Unknown said...

All those squares are so beautiful. You did a fantastic job. I bet you've invested lots of time and energy on it. Just do it slowly and I'm sure you'll finish it someday. (I've been telling myself that many many times about my unfinish crochet top that I started two years ago.) I think I'm worse.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Steph. Those squares are amazing.. I say, if you don't complete the tablecloth, you can do turn it into a bedspread. It looks just as pretty laid out on your bed like that.

Anonymous said...

That is some amazing crochet you've done! You've put so much work in it, I'd be a shame to let it sit in the closet for another ten years. But if you can't decide what you want to do, maybe just letting it stew is fine.

But I still think you should crochet the Koigu wrap.

eastern white said...

what an amazing project!! i don't think i'll ever be able to do that.. crochet with tiny needles and for a project of that scale! i think these flower squares are versatile, you can definitely turn them into somethine modern with a victorian touch!! i know you can!!

Anonymous said...

um, WOW! The mind boggles at the sight of all that tiny crochet. I just cannot imagine the scale of a task like that. My self I would actually really like the crochet squares with a less busy (totally plain) alternating square.

Anonymous said...

OMG. I just nearly had a heart attack. Those are stunning. So, leave these out and get making plain squares to attach the crochet squares to. It'll be breathtaking. I hear you about changing tastes, but some things withstand the passage of time. Also, your taste does not seem to have strayed too far from the original vision - I see pastel blanket and walls. You should definitely make the cover. After all, the difficult part's already done, you can whip up some plain squares and attach them in (relatively) no time. Do it! Alternatively, feel free to gift the crochet squares to me ;p
Oh, and pull out those hat boxes out of storage, they make nice, uhm, storage bins. How about for yarn!
And I'm up for that colourway along. That is one delicious colourway. I'll have to go check if I can find that anywhere here. Drool. I also agree that it would be perfect for a crochet wrap. But what wouldn't, with that colour?

jacqueline said...

OMG! you have some amazing crochet skills my girl! i think you should finish the bedspread or at least a variation of it. that is way too gorgeous to leave locked away. your skills look on par with my godmother's who has made the most amazing table clothes and the like in her time. maybe valentina's idea of attaching some plain squares could work. or alternatively you could use the crochetted squares butted up against each other in two rows. and use plain material either side of the two rows....sort of like a quilt cover with a feature border about 2/3's down. (i'm not sure if i am explaining this properly - i think i need to try and draw it out).

i also agree with purly. make the koigu shawl! it will look great.

Carola said...

Nice squares. Had a bad flashback to the 80's, seeing that ;-) But yours are so much nicer than mine (and I'm not going to dig them up now - no!). You should definitely do something with them. They look great on the bedcover. I could imagine to sew them onto a solid background sheet, maybe satin. Needs some lace edging of course ;-) And then a Jane Austen novel (or better a movie = knitting). Ahh, you made me feel very girlish today.

Anonymous said...

Such a romantic crochet block! Thanks for the inspiration!