Monday, October 10, 2005

New Beginnings

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words on the crochet squares. I think having been a professional bookmaker has given me the ability to become easily detached from my works, which transferred over to my other crafts. There wasn't much love left for the squares, but I view them differently now and started to mull around ideas, and suggestions from you guys. It'll be a while though before I'll get working on them, as everything is being packed up right now. I'm moving out of the flat at the end of October (bye bye messy mates), my stuff gets put into storage, I'm going to Europe for three weeks, and when I get back, I'll be homeless. Well, I'll be staying with BF until I find a place with fewer and neater roomies (with rent going around $1200 for a one bedroom, living alone in SF is unfortunately not an option), hopefully a garden, in a quieter neighborhood. Hooray!
I was more than pleasantly surprised this morning when I looked at the newest Vogue Knitting preview. I've never bought a copy before, because there ususally were only a couple of pieces, if any, I liked. Sure enough, in the upcoming issue they have some not so pretty items, but they also have these:
Something for KSH fanatics maybe
This jacket is simply gorgeous
I love the idea of translating a typically Victorian high-neck lace blouse into - my mole eyes can't quite make it out - crochet?
It's hard to see but I think it's a pretty jacket. No zipper for me though.
There are also some cute capelets/ shoulder warmers, and while I'm not sure I'd wear these out, I might make one as a "house" capelet, the perfect accessory for a hermit. I'm not really one for fussy accessories when I'm out and about, a long scarf is usually all I can deal with. But go check it out, there are also some nice projects in Highland Swing.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I love that whole collection! I never usually buy VK either, but I think I'll just have to get this one.

Have fun out in Europe! I'll miss reading your posts. Good luck on the apartment hunt. I've seen a lot of for rent signs out here in the Richmond. Hope something turns up. I'll cross my fingers for you!

eastern white said...

i never liked VK but this holiday issue is like keeper!! i'll definitely get it when it comes out!

MissLucy said...

I have bookmarked the exact same patterns from VK!

katie said...

you're right, that coat is a stunner. too formal for me to actually wear but i'd be interested to see the construction

jacqueline said...

have a great time in europe. i hope your residential woes sort themselves out upon your return.

you right - the latest vogue knitting is definitely a keeper.