Thursday, September 01, 2005

Patterns for the Springgrass & Orchid Socks

I'm sorry guys, I've been meaning to post this but due to everything that's been happening I have not been able to concentrate much. Here you go:
I won't include a tutorial on how to knit an actual sock, most of you already know how to, for those who don't, or are interested in some new techniques, here are some excellent links with pictures that can explain it much better than I could:
Socks 101, a top-down tutorial featured on
Also on Knitty, how to knit socks toe-up (I have used this tutorial to learn short-row toes and heels
And thanks to Jo, for posting a link to this great phototutorial on how to pick up stitches from the gusset without holes.
If you've ever wondered about how to do a yarn-over short-row toe-up sock, look at Purly's great photo story. Next pair I'll be trying that one for sure!
My socks are knit with 60 stitches total over four needles, so there are 15 sts on each needle. After completing the toe, I knit 4-6 rounds stockinette because I like my toes covered. Uneven rows are given, for even rows, knit sts as they appear, i.e knit the knit sts and the yo's, purl the purl sts. Pattern covers needle 1 and 2, do same for needle 3 and 4.

Springgrass Socks:
R 1: k1, p2, k2tog, yo, k5, yo, k3,skp, k2tog, k3, yo, k5, yo, skp, p2, k1
R 3: k1, p2, k2tog, k5, yo, k1, yo, k2, skp, k2tog, k2, yo, k1, yo, k5, skp, p2, k1
R 5: k1, p2, k2tog, k4, yo, k3, yo, k1, skp, k2tog, k1, yo, k3, yo, k4, skp, p2, k1
R 7: k1, p2, k2tog, k3, yo, k5, yo, skp, k2tog, yo, k5, yo, k3, skp, p2, k1
R 9: k1, p2, k2tog, k2, yo, k1, yo, k5, skp, k2tog, k5, yo, k1, yo, k2, skp, p2, k1
R11:K1, p2, k2tog, k1, yo, k3, yo, k4, skp, k2tog, k4, yo, k3, yo, k1, skp, p2, k1
Repeat rows 1 through 12 as many times as you need to achieve the wanted sock length.

Orchid Socks:
This pattern requires the shifting of sts in some rows, so don't be alarmed when you have to move them. You will only shift between needles 1&2, and 3&4.
R 1: k2, yo, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k2, yo, k1, skp, k1, k2tog, k1, yo, p1, skp, k1, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, k2, k2tog, yo, k2tog, yo, k2
R 3: k2, yo, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k2, yo, k1, skp, k1, k2tog, k1, p1, sl1, k2tog, psso, yo, k3, yo, k2, k2tog, yo, k2tog, yo, k2
R 5: k2, yo, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k2, yo, k1, yo, skp, k1, k2tog, k2tog, yo, k5, yo, k2, k2tog, yo, k2tog, yo, k2
R 7: k2, yo, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k2, yo, k3, yo, sl1, k2tog, psso, k1, yo, k1, skp, k1, k2tog, k1, yo, k2, k2tog, yo, k2tog, yo, k2
R 9: k2, yo, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k2, yo, k5, yo, skp, k1, skp, k1, k2tog, k1, yo, k2, k2tog, yo, k2tog, yo, k2
Repeat rows 1 through 10.
If you encounter any problems please leave a comment and I'll try my best to help.
k2tog= knit two sts together
sl1,k2tog, psso= slip one st, knit two sts together, then pass slipped st over the the one just made
skp= slip one st, knit one st, pass slipped st over
yo= yarn over
Oh and what's the deal with the Koigu? My beautiful, sinful, blood red Koigu feels like package string compared to the Handjiveknits Nature's Palette. I washed a swatch and it hasn't gotten softer. Could it be the needle size, I'm using US#2's? What size needles are you guys using? Has anyone had a bad experience? I've read nothing but praise so far about Koigu.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,
Thanks for the patterns! I love the socks and I will definitely be trying these out!!
re: the Koigu... I have used size 3 dpns and gotten a very nice fabric, but the socks I am currently making I am doing on size 2 and it is a much stiffer fabric, but nicer looking. I was hoping they'd loosen up with a wash. Don't know what to recommend because I have never had scratchy koigu... wonder what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

p.s. is SKP = slip a stitch, knit one, then put slip stitch over?

twigletqueen said...

Thanks for the patterns, they've gone in my favourites for when I'm a little more experienced with DPNs

eastern white said...

thanks for the pattern! i have some yarns in my stash, would be perfect for orchid socks!!

Lori said...

I had been admiring your orchid socks, dreaming about the day when I'm brave enough to move to "fancy" socks (after having gotten the hang of the plain sock), and had wondered where the pattern came from. Thanks! I will have to try these!

Minna said...

Thanks so much for the patterns! I've never tried toe-up socks before but these patterns are a good reason to try. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the patterns. They are both sooooo pretty.

I just knit up some Koigu socks on US 1 1/2. Addis don't come in a US#1. While I was knitting them, I was really concerned about the softness issue. They felt very stiff and unfriendly. I ended up giving them a good long soak in Eucalan, and they have softened up and are now nice and cozy. Are you knitting lace socks? Cause these were lace, and when I've knit with Koigu in stockinette on the same size needles, I didn't have any stiffness issues.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the patterns! Now I need to get some non-self striping sock yarn!

Di said...

Ooooooh lacey toe-up... just what I'm after! Thanks for the patterns and links

Anonymous said...

You are soooooooo sweet to post the pattern notes. Beautiful socks !

Anonymous said...

WOW _ You are so generous to share such beautiful patterns. I have been looking for a new sock pattern and the Orchid is just the right thing! Thanks

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these patterns. I just finished the Orchid pattern, and I like it very much!

ICJ said...

I love your patterns, especially the Orchid socks one! Thank you for sharing! :-)

Isabelle aka Tricotine

Anonymous said...

Dear Steph
Even if this is an old post I hope this comment reaches you. I don´t know how else to contact you. I´m reading your blog for some time now and I really enjoy it. I Especially like your Orchid Pattern. I knit a pair of socks with that pattern, but I knit it not toe up, but top down. Since I used a minty coloured wool I called them Minty Leaves. Now I´d like to publish this sock and the pattern on my blog for free. But since I found the pattern on your page I wanted to ask you if this would be o.k. with you. I would also make a link to your pattern if you like.
It would be great hearing from you, many thanks
Petra (

Jami said...

Steph, I'm swatching your orchid lace for another project, and it's beautiful - but Row 5 is giving me fits. My stitch count is correct going in, and I'm following along carefully, but I keep coming out with one extra stitch on the end. I swear, I've tinked it more than I've knit it! Any advice?

Jami said...

Okay, Steph, I figured it out. But I'd still love to correspond with you about where the lace pattern came from and whether it's available for "fair use" in another pattern. Drop me a line, if you're still around?

Anonymous said...

what lovely lovely socks! I am amazed and must knit them.

One question though. . . i prefer to knit top down, but this will make the lace pattern upside down. Can I just work the pattern backwards, i.e. row 11 becomes row 1, row 9 becomes 3, etc? I'm working the springgrass pattern. Thanks!