Monday, August 29, 2005

Orchid Socks

These have been done for a week, but due to a nasty head cold I had to quarantine myself and deny the photographer access so he wouldn't get sick. I remember reading blogs, so if I've left a comment on anyone's blog that made no sense, I'm sorry! Sinus meds put me in a haze. I also owe some emails, soon soon! Anyway, these here socks are made from Nature's Palette Fingering Weight Merino in orchid. I did them toe-up, short-row toe and heel. The lace pattern is a mix of doing yo, k2tog twice and the leaf pattern is from a sweater in Rebecca 28. It looks identical to MJ's scarf, so you could also look it up in the book she references. I might just write it up together with the Springgrass socks pattern, let me know if you're interested in the patterns and I'll put them on the blog.
Initially I wanted to make them knee-highs, but I didn't place the increases right, the lace pattern stretched too much and it looked bad. I frogged the trial sock, but not enough, so now one sock is one pattern repeat higher.
I'm not sure yet if that will bother know, trying to be non-chalant about the mistake while the inner perfectionist is having a fit. Let's see who wins.
What else is new? I've been hovering in the knitting doldrums lately and I'm not sure why. I've noticed that other knitters have been feeling them too, so I'm not alone. In my case, I feel a little overwhelmed by my stash. You'd probably laugh if you saw it, as it all fits in one bin. So I've been trying to come up with projects to reduce it, yet nothing has caught my fancy. I frogged Butterfly because I dropped a stitch and wasn't able to retrieve it. The Corset Pullover is scaring me because it looks so tiny even though I know the yarn relaxes after a wash. I've lost my confidence, and that's why I've been sticking to socks (since I for sure don't need any more scarves). So here's what I got from my LYS to keep the hands busy until I figure out how to get back on the horse:
Two skeins of Koigu, in a color that can't be photographed, a color that I have a hard time describing, a dark red with a hint of magenta. Glowing from the inside like the sun shining through a red robe in a stained-glass window. It's religious and sinful. It'll be the antidote to the blues on a chilly winter morning. Did I mention it'll be another pair of socks?


Mamie said...

Patterns please!! I would love your patterns for these two pairs of socks! You did such a fabulous job!! Love love love 'em.

I hope you feel better soon! I am also feeling overwhelmed by my stash too. Mine is larger than yours or so it sounds. I really want to buy some of the new Rowan Harris yarn, but I can't justify it no matter how I try!

valentina said...

You're officially my hero. Cannot wait to see what scrumptious concoction the new socks will be. And yes to the patterns! Thank you for mine!

Mamie said...

So is this handjive yarn similar to koigu? It kind of looks similar in weight and twist, if you know what I mean...

yaiAnn said...

GREAT SOCKS! They're beautiful! Would love to know what pattern you used.

Anonymous said...

The socks are gorgeous!! Yummy new koigu. I've been feeling the same way about taking on new upper body garment projects. Socks are a safe and fast and enjoyable vacation.


eastern white said...

they are beautiful! definitely want pattern... thanks.

Heather said...

Wow, those socks are gorgeous! Seriously lovely. I hope you post a pattern :) I'd definately be interested.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was that productive when I get sick. Those socks are gorgeous; I'd love to see the pattern.

My stash fits in one basket, too, but I still have a mild heart attack every time I look at how full it is. I keep telling myself that it looks worse than it really is, because at least a third of it is leftovers from past projects. What are we supposed to do with those? The more I knit, the bigger that pile gets--I just can't win.

Get better soon!

Minna said...

So beautiful! I love these and the Springgrass socks, so a pattern for both would be great. :-)

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

First of all, your new socks are beautiful. And I didn't even notice the mistake . . . . and I'm anal about things like that. They are so pretty. I'd love the pattern BTW.
In terms of your knitting angst, me too. I plowed through my current project -- a shawl -- and feel better. Not back to obsessing about my knitting, but close. That's good, right?
In any case, enjoy that new koigu!

Anonymous said...

Love the socks. I know the leaf pattern for the sweater you're referring to in Rebecca 28 - nice extrapolating!

Anonymous said...

My stash, or stashette, as I prefer to call it, fits in a medium size plastic tub and I get panicky if I think about it too much, so I feel for you.

I love the socks. They are stunning!

MissLucy said...

The socks are beautiful!! I haven't knit a sock since 1983, but yours make me want to give it another try.

jacqueline said...

these socks are just gorgeous and thank you so much for posting the pattern.

if i didn't have a boring pair of socks that i really just must get done - i'd be casting on for these right now.

The MacKay Way said...

Love love love the socks!
Just YUMMY!!!
Must find more time in the day so I can actually get to the ever growing Thing Still To Knit list!

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Jasmine said...

OMG, they are so beautiful! I must make them too!!!