Sunday, August 14, 2005

Orchids and Butterfly

For the past week and a half or so I've been stuck in a biorythmical valley the depth of the Mariana trench. This was due to things unavoidable, like the chilly weather, messy roommates, homesickness, anxiety about my review at work (it was great), and the bad news that a friend had an aneurism. But things are looking up again, my friend is recovering, and my spirits are coming back. There has been knitting, but BF's sister borrowed the camera, so no pictures yet. I'm working on another pair of socks in that Nature's Palette 'orchid' I showed you a few posts back. I'd like them to be knee-highs, but will most likely stop when the yarn ends, as I don't want to buy a third skein. And inspired by Blossom I started Butterfly from Rowan 37, again. I've started and frogged it so many times in the past year, I'm surprised I'm still into it. But what else am I going to do with three balls of KSH in 'bleached'? I'm all shawl-ed out at the moment, so no suggestions needed ;-). I had used the suggested #8 needles and found the resulting swatch to be just a mess of holes instead of beautiful lace. The #7 I'm using now are making it look better, but as soon as I get a picture I'll need some input on whether it looks like it's supposed to. More satisfying at the moment is the corset pullover, which I decided will be knit in the round. There's no reason why not. I knit a few rounds the other day and the Cathay is still amazing. So soft and drapey, it's tactile Prozac. After I had knit up my swatch, I took to carrying it around with me and kept it on my leg while driving to work. No more road rage for me, whenever someone cut me off, I just petted the swatch. Instant calm, I tell you.
I've also shared my disdain about the new Rowan mag with a few bloggers, but it looks like I might have been beating it up a little too quickly. Now that there are more and bigger pictures abound, I've found a few pieces that are very pretty indeed. With some I'm hovering in that nebulous area of ugly pretty, that feeling where you somewhat repulsed, yet strangely in love. Like this, they call it a poncho, but is it really? I don't think it a swoncho? A sweater with huge dolman sleeves?
And this..scarf? Have I fallen on my head? I think it's ridiculous, I don't think I'd ever wear it. But I want it.
Now this coat. I might choose different colors, but it could be quite nice, I will have to search for a belt just like this though, because the belt gives the coat that 'je ne sais quoi'
This pattern look interesting, though I could see that sweater requiring some shaping adjustments:
And these gloves are very cute, but I really want the dress:
I love this jacket but it's made from 'Big Wool'. I love BW, it's so soft, but it makes the model look like a football player, and she's probably a size 2
This issue has a few things that inspire me to change them around rather than follow the pattern exactly. Maybe some stash busters as well.
Oh and I bought more yarn. Where's that camera.....?


eastern white said...

i'm so glad you are going to give butterfly another try. there's a knitalong string on it's worth reading. also, eileen at eiknit has finished the most gorgeous butterfly! need to see that, too.

like i said, as a rowan junkie, i may end up getting that book anyway! the swoncho looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the swoncho thing. I posted about it the other day too. I have seen something similar in a store - but thought it was awful. But this one....maybe its the lacy bits, or the ribbing at the bottom. But I like it too and I think it would make a poncho much warmer since it wouldn't be flapping around in the wind!

Terhi said...

Ooo, nice choices! The pom-pom scarf is really cute, but maybe one pom-pom-y scarf is enough for one girl. :-) I love the long coat too.

Mamie said...

I like the pom pom scarf... did you ever see the one that wendy freeman designed? It was even cuter with smaller (but not small) pom poms and it was longer and the ribbon tie was in the front. It was less necklacey. I like the idea.