Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lot's of WIP's

I've been hit by that cold that seems to be going around everywhere but thanks to some mean sinus medication my head is working at the moment. So what have I been working on?
The Koigu Pomatomus fingerless mitts are being renamed Mermaid gloves. They are my first pair of gloves and I was a little scared as I couldn't find a pattern using dpn's and thin yarn, but in the end I think I got the concept and now I'm halfway on the thumb gusset. This pattern is so beautiful, it's hard to put the needles down. The project had stalled a bit because one of my dpn's broke, and though the socks are knit with four, I prefer five needles. In the mean time, I've been working up my Rowan Cork. It's reached its final incarnation, Kathy, from the Rowan Cork Collection.
I think Barbara Walker was getting to me with her talk about listening to what the yarn tells you. I really had my own ideas what this yarn was supposed to be, first, self-designed stockinette sweater (it turned out to look like a sack), then Raindrop from the Plaid Collection (didn't really work gauge and lookwise) until I looked through the Cork Collection booklet I'd gotten as a freebie when I ordered the yarn. And there it was, a cardi that was pretty, for sure, but didn't really blow me over. At this point my need for de-stashing this yarn was greater than my need for the dream cardi and I cast on. And finished the back in a week and the left front. It's such a fast knit and I'm loving it more with every row. I'm a happy knitter right now! But I'm not a happy sewer. I'm not happy at all with my skirt pattern. When I cut the tissue pattern I was already suspecting that this skirt might not be as A-line-y as I'd like it to be. Yes, it is smaller at the waist and then slightly flares out, but it looks more like an H when I wear it, making me feel sort of compact. Good thing I made this out of an old sheet first before cutting into my lovely silk wool. This pattern would work better for a stiff cotton, so I need to look for something more swingy that brings out the drape of the fabric.
Thanks for your great suggestions on chocolaty places to go and brands to try!


Anonymous said...

I want to see the Mermaid gloves! We'll have to reschedule our knitting afternoon again soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found something that works for the cork. It looks like it is going to be lovely!

Alice said...

what a great idea to use that pattern for fingerless mittens!!

Krawuggl said...

Das ist aber schade, daß dir der Schnitt für den Rock nicht gefällt. Aber eine gute Idee, ihn erst mit einem billigeren Stoff auszuprobieren - das hätt mir auch schon viele Enttäuschungen erspart. Ich freu mich schon auf ein Bild deiner Handschuhe.

wendy said...

Wow! soooooo pretty! Great job!