Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Do over. And over, and over .......

That's been the story of my crafting life these last few weeks. Some of you have wondered whether I'm still alive and kicking, no worries, all is well, I've been reading a lot more than usual lately, and putting my bookbinding skills toward repairing some old books. A lot of my crafting hasn't resulted in any mentionable fo's so far, and I didn't feel like talking about the many incarnations of works in progress. Like this floppy hat I've been sewing. When I finally made crown number seven, which at last fit perfectly on both my head and the brim part, I got dirt on it. Beats me where it came from and it doesn't come out. So I had to take a break. I made this instead, a cover for my sewing machine.
You can't go wrong sewing a rectangle! All you Pure Knits addicts will recognize the cute ribbons Miss Y ties around her shipments. Yay for recycling!
I've also started working on a baby quilt for my niece. I'm still waiting for some more fabric so no pictures yet, but the design is based on Denyse Schmidt's 'Hop, skip and a jump' quilt. In various pinks, a lot like this fabulous piece. Isn't that beautiful?
Knitting is back on the program. I had finished the back of Buttercup using my own modifications, when I ran into serious problems on the left front. So I gave up and emailed Kim for some help. That was on a late afternoon, and the very next morning I had got an answer from her mom. She was so nice and helpful, it really resolved any resentment that had grown towards the pattern. I re-knit the back and finished the left front, it's pretty quick knitting now and I hope to have it done in a couple of weeks. I love the new collection, especially Beth. They've also got a preview for the newest collection, Light and Shade up, it looks like some of the pieces are recycled from previous collections, but there are a few new designs as well. I like the beret, but it seems to be made from fuzzy wool and I can't wear wool on my head, too itchy!
When everything else either take so long or doesn't work out I grab my bead stash and make jewelry. It's quick and satisfying and I love dainty sparkly necklaces. Here a three I made over the past week:
On the left, a very long gold chain with blue quartz beads, it can be worn doubled up; in the middle, a piece of rutilated quartz on gold chain; on the right aquamarine rondelles with a lemon quartz drop.
Saving the cutest for last, a squishy squirrel from knotty bits.
Go check out her etsy shop, the are some more squirrels and adorable kitties, all lovingly and perfectly stitched.