Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2005 Review

I've been planning on doing a little inventory on my 2005 knits, maybe frog stuff I'm not wearing and re-using for new projects. It's all about recycling these days at Craftoholic. Or so I tell myself. The boyfriend sock don't need much review, they're so loved. Let me just say that the GGH Marathon I used for his for two pairs over a year ago is holding up extremely well. And they've been washed and worn a lot! No complaints about the Lana Grossa Meilenweit so far either.
The first 2005 knit was the
- Debbie Bliss Cabled Jacket. I love this so much and I've worn it a lot. The Rowanspun Chunky I used is holding up rather well, there is only slight pilling under the arms, which isn't really noticeable as the yarn is heathered.
- Leaf Scarf in Rowan Big Wool. Haven't really worn it too much, it's so toasty. I think I'm just too lazy to bother holding it together with a brooch. I might frog it, haven't decided yet.
- Clapotis. This kept me happily warm in freezing Europe. I wear it a lot and love that the Silk Garden gets softer after a wash, and doesn't lose its sheen.
- Lady Eleanor. Ten balls of Silk Garden make this shawl a bit heavy. I haven't worn it all that much because most days I can't be bothered to fuss with accessories. But knitting it was fun and the end product is so beautiful, I want to just display it as a wall hanging. I'll put this in the category 'knitted art', which doesn't require usefulness ;-)
- Debbie Bliss Rib Detail Jacket. After I tried it on for the first time, it itched. I didn't wear it much until I tried it on and it didn't itch. The ribbing on the sleeves still feels a little snug, but blocking should take care of it. Let's revisit that one next year after more wearage.
- Shedir. I use this a lot, mostly as a liner underneath wooly hats that make my head itch. Sure my head looks like a big ball, but I'm warm enough so it's a good trade-off. I'd wear this more if it was a bit longer, but I was insistent on using just one ball!
- Rebecca Wrap Top. I've worn this a few times over a long white top. It's cute enough, but there's that one spot at the back of my neck the GGH Soft Kid likes to itch attack. I still wear it, but won't make anymore garments out of Soft Kid.
- Aimee. Oh Aimee. I hate your ribbon. I'm going to try to stitch the ribbon opening up and I'm thinking about a dye bath as well. I love that green, but it does make me look anemic.
- Springgrass socks. The Nature's Palette definitely loosens up a bit after washing, and gets fuzzy too. I wear them, but mostly at home.
- Orchid socks. See above.
- Mata Hari socks. I love them so much and wear them all the time. The Koigu is getting a bit fuzzy but still nice. There may be more Mata's in the far future.
- Eowyn armwarmers. They were made only to get rid of two lonely balls of yarn, Rowan Yorkshire Tweed dk and Crystal Palace Merino Frappe. I wore them a few times in Europe, but they're just too bulky for my taste.
- Gothic Knee Highs. They bound off a little losely, so I need to fix that or else they'll be crunched around my ankles.
I'm pretty happy with half of my 05 knits, I have learned soo much and really figured out what I want to knit and what not. My plans for this year are to
- tackle a fair isle project
- try felting
- make a quilt
- design more knits
- sew leather


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love that DB Cabled Jacket.. too bad I don't have stash yarn to make it. Booo hooo! =)

Anonymous said...

Excellent review! Everything you knit is so pretty! I also think you've got good plans for this year. I look forward to seeing how they turn out!

Unknown said...

I love all your knits, especially that cabled jacket.Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to see more fantastic stuff from you.

kris said...

you have the best fos! i want to marry your gothic kneehighs... do you have any plans to write up the pattern for us?

jacqueline said...

oh man...i just love your 2005 FO. if you send me your gothic knee highs i will put the elastic in or bind them off tighter for you...and i promise faithfully to send them back ;-)

MissLucy said...

SO many lovely things, and what a great idea to review how they work for you.

eastern white said...

isn't it nice to see all of your FOs in one big picture! all of your projects are gorgeously done. like i said, i'm inspired to make the cabled jacket. and the ribbed jacket... and all your socks.

looking forward to another year of beautiful knits from you.

Lori said...

I LOVE your FO review! Everything is so beautiful. What a good idea: to look back and evaluate the year in knitting. I wonder if looking back over the FOs brought to mind what was going on in your life while you were working on each project?

Judy said...

Wow, your 2005 projects are quite impressive! I like every pattern to all of your finished objects. Question: I have blogspot.com as well, but I have not be success in arranging this many photos in such a grid pattern as you. Please tell me how you did it! I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the great knitting.

Anonymous said...

I love your projects! Actually, I wanted to knit the Brigitte scarf and the Rebecca Top too (German projects... Do you speak German? Wenn ja, das wäre für mich einfacher, ich spreche besser deutsch als englisch!)! So I linked you on my blog :-)

Anonymous said...

You have done some amazing work!! I love those Eowyn armwarmers, where did you get the pattern?

oakland heidi said...

I'm knitting away at a wool sweater at the moment... luv your site...

Erica said...

Gorgeous finished projects! One question: Where can I find the pattern to that Debbie Bliss cabled jacket? I've been looking for a jacket like that to knit for soooo long! Thanks in advance for an answer. :)